Research on Russian consumers behaviour

We analysed millions of online-comments and learnt how consumption priorities among Russians are changing.

During the research specialists from Artox Media Digital Group (AMDG) analysed millions of online-comments to find out:

  • changings in consumption priorities among Russians are in different regions;
  • purposes to take loans;
  • main requirements for mobile banking applications.

Consumers' priorities

One of the ways to learn any person's priorities is to understand what they are spending money on. In the beginning, if the research we identified 7 main goods and services categories that consumers have bought or would like to buy in the nearest future.

  • home purchasing and renovation;
  • food and goods of first priority
  • purchasing of cars and their maintenance;
  • cloths and accessories
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • journeys;
  • premium brands.

On-lending purposes

During the last 3 years, the demand for consumer lending to buy different goods and services has grown significantly. Based on the analysis of user references in relation to loans from the TOP 10 banks in Russia, we have identified the main categories of goods and services, which in most cases are the purpose of consumer lending.

Mobile banking applications and payment systems

We analyzed the references of the TOP 8 mobile applications of banks in Russia and set basic reasons for the negativity arising when using the services. Further, we established the payment systems that Russians prefer and why.