Google and AMDG held the Conference on media advertising via YouTube and CMS.

Google and AMDG held the Conference on media advertising via YouTube and CMS.

September 11 Google and Artox Media Digital Group digital-agency held the Conference "Google Media advertising: business opportunities". Google experts from offices in Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine told how to use YouTube and CMS correctly to develop your business. Meanwhile, Artox Media Digital Group and Keramin presented the case of effective use of YouTbe opportunities.

The event brought together more than eighty representatives of Belarusian companies and brands. Business-conference participants were able not only to discuss a promotion strategy with the agency, conference Google partner, but also consult with Google experts.

Stage shared:

  • Asiya Mambetalieva (Google) told about business possibilities of advertising on YouTube for business.
  • Olga Novitskaya (Keramin) together with Tatiana Lygach (Artox Media Digital Group) showed that video advertising can be an express-alternative to launching on TV.
  • Eugene Ganic (Google) presented additional advertising possibilities in the CMS.

In their report Artox Media Digital Group and Keramin shared the practice of effective implementation of Internet promotion in advertising game. Speakers reviled how to increase sales, strengthen the company's image and interest a new auditory using video advertising on YouTube and MassTarget.

Features of this case is a maximum segmentation of YouTube and MassTarget auditory based on the social-demographic and behavioral indicators. Such an approach let us develop video screening strategies with needed frequency.


More than 1 million video screenings on YouTube. Average VTR — 50%. Every second user got to the end of the client's clip. Thanks to MassTarget we reached more than 40% of the target audience.

This is not the first experience of Artox Media Digital Group joint performance. The Agency actively shares the success of its clients, including: Ceramine, Slodych, Oasis Groups, and others.

At the end of the event, participants were invited to play a quiz and win digital-branded prizes prepared by the organizers of the business conference.