Case Study

Drawing attention to ROSBANK "Biometrics" service

Promotion via video bloggers: more than 1 997 326 views!


ROSBANK – Russian universal Bank

Client’s goal

Drawing attention to "Biometrics"

Main objectives



Work conducted

  • Video blogger accounts

We have set a task to increase the recognition of the "Biometrics" service. Biometrics is a digital platform that allows you to remotely identify a person by their biometric characteristics. The technology enables the user to receive banking services remotely.

The banking market is regularly updating, banks are trying to make life easier for their customers and offer appropriate solutions. It seemed possible to stand out against the background of constant innovations only using creativity.


During the analytical stage, we decided to abandon the traditional formats of promotion on Youtube in the form of banners and pre-rolls and focus on more native formats:

  • Cooperation with bloggers in funny and educational formats.
  • Promotional posts publication with information about the benefits of the service in relevant communities.

Irina Gorbacheva and Alexander Khomenko participated in the promotion, each with 1.6 million subscribers on instagram, as well as a Kik Review with 755 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

It was important for us to convey to the audience that biometrics is safe and convenient. Now you can get a lot of services "from the comfort of your own home", for example, open Bank accounts, take loans and transfer money. This is what bloggers showed in their videos.


1. Irina Gorbacheva, an actress and blogger.

2. Alexander Khomenko, a journalist and blogger.

3. Kik Review, a blogger-reviewer in the field of IT, technology.


Thanks to the detailed technical specifications concerning the selection of bloggers, our expectations fully coincided with the results of the work. We got a wide coverage which directly increased the recognition of the "Biometrics" service in the network.

Promo posts statistics:

  • Total coverage amounted to 1 063 550 users.
  • 2 563 likes.
  • 521 comments under the posts.
  • 79 publications repost.

Statistics on video bloggers:

  • Videos scored 1 997 326 views.
  • More than 10 000 times the video got in "Bookmarks".
  • Users left 1 779 comments under the video