Digital trends in the automotive industry

Digital trends in the automotive industry

With this compilation you will learn about:

  • Necessity to apply an attribution model
  • The development of voice assistants
  • Prospects of using video advertising
  • Other automotive industry news

Digital trends in the automotive industry

1. Increased emphasis on micromotions

The automotive business is moving into an online environment: 95% of people who buys vehicles use digital technology as a source of information, 65% of buyers spend about 3 weeks on online research.* The concept of micromotions consideration is becoming more and more relevant, as the vast majority of the target audience searches the internet to decide on a purchase. In the context of the automotive business, car dealers need to use an attribution model that distributes the value of conversions between different points of interaction with the buyer. The model takes into account all digital channels and the degree of influence of each of them on the final conversion. Its implementation helps to understand what motivates customers to buy, how they make orders, where they come from, and what channels and techniques deserve more attention.

*Google/comScore,"Automotive Shopper Study"

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2. Voice assistants

According to company Gartner research, about 30% of Internet requests will come from voice assistants by 2020. Voice search implies dialogue queries and a broad semantic core. Therefore, automotive manufacturers and car dealers will need to pay special attention to more thorough SEO-optimization. 

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3. 360° digital test-drive

The video greatly eases the process of studying the information for a potential car buyer. According to Google, the time of viewing test-drives on YouTube over the past two years has increased by more than 65%*, while 64% of buyers claim that they are ready to buy a car if they are satisfied with the video review.** These videos allow people to try out any car they want to purchase in a variety of situations, including those that best suit their lifestyle.
*Google Data, April 2016–March 2017 vs. April 2018–March 2019

**Google/Kantar TNS, The Drive to Decide Survey

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Car industry news

1. YaC 2019: advanced functionality of 'Yandex.Auto' system

At the annual conference, 'Yandex' presented new products in technology, including the fact that now 'Yandex.Auto' is programmed to receive more information from an auto. The on-Board computer in the absence of a satellite signal will be able to determine the exact location, taking into account the distance travelled and the angles of rotation of the wheels, to make a payment at the entrance to the paid Parking zone, to complete it when the car leaves, as well as to report the evacuation. Yandex also presented new opportunities for interaction with its voice assistant: now the driver will be able to start the engine remotely, open the trunk or window.

According to the company's estimates, now there are about 100 000 cars with 'Yandex.Auto' navigation system on the roads. Forecasted that the number will reach two million in the next five years. In the context of technology development and the universal popularity of Alice, there are more and more potential chances of integrating brands into the new information environment. With individual skills of creating automated voice assistant and collecting the personalized data of an auto, there are predictions of great prospects for the interaction of brands with the system

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2. Auto groups continue to launch applications for car rent

Hyundai in cooperation with SKOLKOVO will work on the project. Hyundai Mobility Lab is a startup that will develop IT solutions and services for the auto group customers. The company is going to release an application for remote car rent from Hyundai for different periods, including long-termed by subscription. BMW, Volvo, Audi, Porsche already have their services for car rental. The company plans to launch the Hyundai Mobility Lab program in the second half of 2019.

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3. About trends in America: Ford is working on 'the last 50-foot problem'

Automation of processes is an undeniable trend of today's reality. Excluding a person from the business process chain significantly reduces costs. For example, when automating delivery, its cost can fall by 60 per cent or more. Taking into account all the advantages and having under his command a tested delivery service, implemented by Autonomous unmanned vehicles, Ford presented a new development. Digit is a robot that delivers to the door using the same scanning sensors that allow the car to build a route and adapt to the external environment. Fully automated delivery has a high potential for the company: Ford estimated the potential market value of such technology at $ 332 billion.

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