Annual conference on Video Advertising

Annual conference on Video Advertising

The 3d interactive Digital Video conference in Belarus Annual “Video Advertising on the Internet " conference will be held in Minsk on April 24: sites, facts, prospects”. For the first time on one site will perform: Google, Yandex, Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki Speakers from leading technology companies will talk about trends, features of the channel's audience in Belarus and ways to achieve success through video advertising.

The program of the conference is designed in such a way that the participants get a holistic view of:

  • Trends and formats of video advertising on the Internet
  • Specificities of the Belarusian audience and perception of video advertising in Belarus.
  • Practical examples of works of different sizes
Ksenia Repina — head of marketing and PR at Artox Media Digital Group.

Ksenia Repina — head of marketing and PR at Artox Media Digital Group.

At the stage of negotiations, we asked the speaker companies to arrange their speech in such a way that managers and marketers would bring maximum knowledge and figures applicable to the Belarusian market. Our goal is to create a platform for networking and obtain accessible information that can easily be included in the marketing strategy of any local business

Also, AMDG and the client will share with the audience a real case with the example when the video advertising was used in the marketing strategy to promote Atlant, a major manufacturer of household appliances, new product line.

During the breaks, there will be spacial networking zones where every attendee will be able to choose among 10 activities the most suitable one. Normally, with this approach visitors can both gain knowledge and meet new people that are useful in business.

More detailed information and ticket cost you can find here.